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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Deloitte Announces Pro Bono Program

Thanks to a CAN Board member we got this piece of news today. On February 13th Deloitte LLP announced that it is launching a three year plan to help strengthen the nonprofit sector.

"The strategic new program establishes a formal budget, as well as the policies and procedures to support up to $50 million in outcomes-focused pro bono engagements, to provide in-kind professional services to eligible nonprofit organizations, over the next three years. Deloitte will be particularly focused on helping nonprofits deal with the business and operational issues that challenge their capacity to address social problems."
For more information about Deloitte’s pro bono program, visit There is little more written at this time about the program, who is eligible, how to submit for the program, etc. I have contacted them and hope to have more information available shortly.

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Christine Vasquez said...

Thanks so much for the posting! Very helpful. The non-profit I volunteer for is currently looking for a pro-bono CPA.